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The Madeira Story Centre is a spectacular modern museum about Madeira’s History and culture. Here you will find a wealth of information of the Archipelago’s History, from its volcanic origins to seaplanes, from the Discoveries to Napoleon and Churchill.

The Madeira Story Centre is a museum where historical accuracy is combined with multimedia technologies and interactivity! Planned to offer visitors an unforgettable experience, history is presented in a chronological sequence, where illustrious characters and visitors tell our past.
The Madeira Story Centre has organized the exhibition in themes. Some summarize centuries, others specific events. The visitor embarks on a fascinating voyage through the following topics:

Entrance level
•    Volcanic Beginnings

Panoramic Terrace
•    Flora

Main exhibition floor
•    Founding Legends
•    Discovering Madeira
•    Turmoil and Trade
•    Strategic Isle
•    Madeira Flourishes
•    After the "Age of Sail"
•    Explore Madeira

These are only a few examples of the infinite subjects covered by the Madeira Story Centre.
History will be presented to you through real stories, smell boxes, sounds, interactive games and challenges which will capture your attention and trigger all your senses.

Visit will take about 90 minutes.

Adult: €9,9
Senior Citizens (+65 years old): €8,9
Child (6-14 years old): €4,95
Child (under 6 years old): free